“Soccer Is Our Passion, Peace Is Our Mission”


The growing cost of private soccer academies has placed great pressure on continued participation in youth soccer. Our platform provides a support network engaging local businesses as a force of support for organized youth soccer programs. With a common interest of a sport that unites us all, we can continue to make our children’s futures brighter and more accepting.


We envision the adoption of 10zTeam Soccer Clubs in major cities throughout the United States with local community support. Our vision is not to create a club of fanatic fans,  but a culture of unity irrespective of our differences. We hope this culture perpetuates through generations.


To achieve our mission, we are working with community leaders on the ground. Our program gets its strength through it donors or “10zTeam Members”. National members support our organizations growth and vision. Regional members provide the financing which goes directly to organizing, supplying, and training local teams. Our first club teams are scheduled to launch in the fall of 2019


Our results will be a measure shared by all of us. We ask our members to join us hand-in-hand in the responsibility of providing a positive program for our youth. By creating a culture of inclusion and unity, with the shared resources of local partners, we can sustain soccer programs that afford the opportunity for all children to participate

"It will be a physical encounter, but we must not respond in kind" 10 - Zinedine Zidane


To use soccer for grassroots mobilization of youths to create social change.

Promote unity and peace amongst the citizenry, as entertainment, and improve the physical well-being of less privileged youth, and adults.

Create positive lifestyles through participation in extracurricular activities.

Instill universal values such as mutual respect, leadership, and discipline.

Organize seminars/workshops for young talented footballers.

Organize national and international soccer competitions, partner with national and global football agencies/clubs abroad, and promote the exchange of ideas and programs.